The toecaps and the counters are made of cotton or satin fabric impregnated with  thermoplastic  polymer materials and latex. Thanks to their structure, they guarantee the upkeep of their shape over the years.

Special precautions in the impregnation process favor the assembly of the toecaps even at low temperatures for the most delicate and particularly sensitive leather to heat.

The toecaps are realized, depending on the customer's request, in all sizes and with fabrics of different thicknesses which consent to obtain shoes with soft spikes, semi-rigid, snappy and stiff tips.

The application process of the toecaps and counters : The thermal adhesive version should be applied on the upper through pressing (about 4 atmospheres) at hot temperature that  can fluctuate between 100 ° and 160 °.

For a perfect application, the pressing time, which varies according to the type of leather and its thickness, oscillates between 5 and 10 seconds. Before the assembly process we suggest you reactivate the upper at hot temperature.